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Winter, 2016-17

week: date "Title"

51: 12/18  "Where's Jesus"

52: 12/25 "My Heart Stirred"

1: 1/01  "Somewhere Under the Snow"

 2: 1/08 "Echoes of a Broken Life"

3: 1/15  "No. Not Today."

4:  1/22 "Life's Funny Journey"

5: 1/29  "My Life My Offering"

6:  2/05 "Near the End of Our Faith​"

7:  2/12  "What's Love Got to Do With It?"

8:  2/19  "Entrusted to Seize Today"

9:  2/26  "Called to Love"

10:  3/05  "When God Says "Hey!"

11:  3/12  "​No, Never Alone"


A time of stark reality. A few months where life is somewhat put on hold. It is also the season when we have a lot of time to ponder. West Virginians accept winter as the most unpredictable of all seasons. We half-jokingly say if you don't like our Appalachian weather, don't worry, it’s about to change. 

For those of us engaging in the Beyond the Mirror devotional, winter means that we have an entire season to reflect on life and the things that bug us. Or we can take this season to do something about that stuff. To call out anything that causes anxiety, stress, depression, even lost hope. We can learn to manage these things through the empowerment of God’s Holy Spirit. 

The opportunity, responsibility, and personal right to have authority over our life’s story. We become Holy Ghost Empowered by learning how, and when, to turn our thoughts and feelings over to the Holy Spirit. When we do He will enable us to face this stuff head on, to call it out, to reclaim personal authorship over our own lives. No wonder I am excited to take a deeper look at this with y’all! This life is our story…and we are going to write it.  As we work to develop our strengths and manage our weaknesses, God given potential will emerge. It will reflect back to us from the mirror. Now that's true empowerment…and that’s what it looks like to be a daughter of God!


Over these next few weeks, we are going to reflect on self-empowerment through the Holy Spirit. We will be discussing our emotions as well as how to set aside some 'me time'. We'll uncover ways to see our personal worth and figure out how to tap into our core power source.


We are going to reveal ways to talk to and about the Holy Spirit visualizing the impact He has in our lives.


Scripture readings will be suggested from both the Old and New Testaments. You pick your favorite translation and the rest is up to you.


We will be journaling our thoughts on that it means to be empowered through the Holy Spirit and find value in our own life's journey. The weekly journaling entries are designed to help us to face our own internal nemeses; share ideas on how we empowered the Holy Spirit to work on our behalf over the past weeks; and jot down how we can utilize the Holy Spirit's power to silence the noise.

So there you have it ladies, a glimpse into our winter of empowerment. Ready? Great! Let’s get started! 

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A Winter of Empowerment