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"Faith of a ChildPhoto Credit D. Kelly @ Grant Co., WV

“Then he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven. So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

(Matthew 18:3 - 4, NLT).

Sweet, Sweet Summertime!

Do you remember summer breaks? I remember being so excited for them when I was a kid. You would have thought I was getting another Christmas! Now, instead of dirt bike riding and week long visits with friends, not to mention the smile that accompanies memories of those silly nighttime walks to "The Store." Now, summer breaks mean mowing the yard, repainting decks, and trying to find time to schedule a family vacation - not an easy task with adult children who have lives and families of their own. But none of these things can rob me of the smile-provoking reality of this happy - joyful - remnant of summers past: everything (and most everyone) seems to lighten up! It seems as if the summer sun melts a little of the bottled-up winter stress. Yep, I believe that sweet-sweet-summertime has a way of revealing easy smiles while lifting us out of the winter funk. I really like that about summer. There is a freedom that comes with it. That's why I've chosen "Summer of Enlightenment" as the theme for this season's weekly devotional journey. Summer is the perfect time to be joyfully enlightened. The season we can finally see things a little clearer!

Over the next 13 weeks, we will be focusing on the books of James, Titus, Acts, and Luke - not just because I like them - but because these books have a lot to say about the Holy Spirit. They teach us how we can live our real lives - yours and mine - with peace and joy. Better yet, our summertime readings will be lighter reads yet spiritually deeper.

So grab yourself a glass of iced tea, your favorite Bible, and lets take a walk (through the Word) this summer!

In Christ with love and compassion, 
Coach Kelly

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Daily Reflection 
A special time when you welcome God into your day.

Choose a relaxed environment where the two of you can connect

and chat to get reacquainted. In addition to this devotional and

Bible reading, add a time of prayer, journaling, or simple, quiet reflection.

A Summer of Enlightenment

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