Be watching for my live interview with CUTVNEWS blog talk radio with Doug Llewelyn

(of the People's Court!) and radio personality

Jim Masters!! 

Your Life Coaching WV, llc

We have accepted the challenge to blog the second book in the Beyond Series: Beyond the Mirror: Facing Your Life's Nemesis.

Beyond the Mirror is being co-authored by two of my  three daughters, includes input from my husband and son, and features photographs 'borrowed' (with permission) from our Facebook friends and family. What's in it for you is that you get to experience the writing process first hand!

Please be patient with us as this is a time of uncovering typos, researching Biblical references, and the tedious process of many-many rewrites.

As you witness, also firsthand, how introverted, random, and sometimes rambling thoughts pull together, we think you too, will enjoy the journey!

Thank you for joining us as together we learn to see Beyond the Mirror!


There may be a week when the post isn’t uploaded or one where we are feeling especially creative and post a couple. Thank you for joining us on this  year of reflection!