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Daily Reflection

A special time when you welcome God into your day. Choose a relaxed environment where the two of you can connect and chat to get reacquainted. In addition to this devotional and Bible reading, add a time of prayer, journaling, or simple, quiet reflection.

"Growing in the ShadowsPhoto Credit D. Kelly @ Grant Co., WV

“For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.”

(Song of Solomon 2:11-12, ESV)

Welcome Spring!

A time for new beginnings.  A time when the dormant bursts forth with a strength only nature fully understands. Tulips, wild onions, crocus, lettuce…people…all face the life season of spring. For vegetation, spring is the time when God given potential surges forth from hidden depths. Tentatively at first but then drawn upward by a force stronger than themselves. And suddenly, ready to face real life elements, stands a strong, viable plant.

Thankfully, unlike vegetation, we have several spring-like opportunities spread out across our lifetime.  For the most part, our spring seasons look a lot alike. We each have decisions to make, opportunities to embrace, goals to accomplish. And one huge question to answer: "What am I waiting for before I truly start living?"  

Over these next fourteen weeks, we are going on a springtime journey.  A journey where we will face perfectionism head-on.  A journey where we will plan and design ways to develop ourselves for the glory of God and for our own personal fulfillment. Together we are going to expose what it looks like after we have used a winter to empower ourselves with God’s Word and put it into action. When allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. When He bursts forth from the depths of our soul…a lot like springtime flowers!

As we dig down deep within our soul, we will reveal the awesomeness of what God has planted within us. Then we will push our own personal weaknesses out of the way and showcase His strength. By springs end, we are going to look perfectionism and self-doubt in the face and declare that through Christ’s Holy Spirit within, we are good enough.

Ladies, over these next several weeks, we are going to encourage ourselves through scripture, journaling, and prayer. So, grab your favorite pen and Bible. Fill your best mug to the brim and head to your favorite quiet spot.

Are you ready? Well then, let’s get started; because this spring, we are going to let our Christ enhanced reflection burst forward like a beautiful bouquet of springtime flowers: on purpose, with courage and vitality.  

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In Christ with love and compassion, 
Coach Kelly

A Springtime of Encouragement